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Sweldista Payroll FAQ
Withholding Tax Table 2009
2014 Sample Semi-monthly Paysheet using SSS (2014), PHIC (2014), HDMF (2007), and WTax (2009)
Is there a .csv template for employee import?
I found a page which suggests that the simplest way to start using the program is to download an existing Paysheet (which I imagine can function as a template) and edit same to adapt to your own needs. But wherte can I find such a Sample? Thanks!
I cannot create a New Paysheet. I checked the HELP and found "How to create a new Paysheet" but when I try I get an Error msg: Line 71, Char 304 Error: Object doesn't support this property or method. Is the problem in one of the program modules or is it a problem with my OS?
how to create a new paysheet
SSS Table 2007
mga sir/mam, paano po pag compute kapag wala po goverment fees? kasi bago pa po ung company namin.. nag asikaso pa po sa governments fees. thank you
2014 Sample Weekly Paysheet using SSS (2014), PHIC (2014), HDMF (2007), and WTax (2009)
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