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Withholding Tax Table 2009
Hello, sweldista! Ask ko lang bakit ayaw po mag-update nung Payroll Enviroment ko to Philippines.201801a.paylibrary ? naka tick naman po yung "Update Environment" :(
Sweldista Payroll FAQ
2014 Sample Semi-monthly Paysheet using SSS (2014), PHIC (2014), HDMF (2007), and WTax (2009)
Is there a .csv template for employee import?
I found a page which suggests that the simplest way to start using the program is to download an existing Paysheet (which I imagine can function as a template) and edit same to adapt to your own needs. But wherte can I find such a Sample? Thanks!
I cannot create a New Paysheet. I checked the HELP and found "How to create a new Paysheet" but when I try I get an Error msg: Line 71, Char 304 Error: Object doesn't support this property or method. Is the problem in one of the program modules or is it a problem with my OS?
how to create a new paysheet
SSS Table 2007
mga sir/mam, paano po pag compute kapag wala po goverment fees? kasi bago pa po ung company namin.. nag asikaso pa po sa governments fees. thank you
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