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New PHIC 2020 rules are now in new payroll environment 'Philippines.202001'
All figures are zero in the payslip viewer as well as during printing. However, if payslip is converted into excel it shows the correct numbers.
Cannot Download the Latest Installer of Sweldista
Withholding Tax Table 2009
Sweldista Payroll FAQ
New SSS Table 2019 in New Payroll Environment Philippines.201904
Hello, sweldista! Ask ko lang bakit ayaw po mag-update nung Payroll Enviroment ko to Philippines.201801a.paylibrary ? naka tick naman po yung "Update Environment" :(
2014 Sample Semi-monthly Paysheet using SSS (2014), PHIC (2014), HDMF (2007), and WTax (2009)
Is there a .csv template for employee import?
I found a page which suggests that the simplest way to start using the program is to download an existing Paysheet (which I imagine can function as a template) and edit same to adapt to your own needs. But wherte can I find such a Sample? Thanks!
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