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Note: The sample paysheets and payscripts are meant for illustration purposes only.
It is the user's responsibility to verify compliance with government regulations and company policies.

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Ang Unang Sweldista2015-Feb-09LOGIN to Reply|Report
I recommend you use the latest samples because they are simpler. You can put a formula such as "[numeric] SSS=308" to put a fixed amount. You can add other lines of formulas for loans. Please see the 2013 or 2014 samples.

The new SSS and PHIC tables for 2014 are now available.

To use it in your paysheet:
1. Make sure you are using the latest Sweldista 0.9.7 released on January 26, 2014. Download and install if you don't have the latest version.
2. Make sure you have downloaded the latest paysheet samples for 2013 (or you are using a paysheet that is using payroll environment Philippines.201301).
3. In Sweldista Payroll, click on Services and open the Edit Payscript menu.
4. Edit the line stating the payroll environment to Philippines.201401 (from Philippines.201301).
5. Make sure you put a check on Update Environment and then click on Save to Paysheet.
6. In Sweldista Payroll, click Recalculate All from the Edit menu. This will recalculate any previously saved calculations to the latest SSS and PHIC 2014 tables. (Make sure you are using the latest Sweldista 0.9.7 for the recalculate all menu to work)
Blackmask2015-Feb-06LOGIN to Reply|Report
Hi Everyone,

Can somebody help me with the codes, i am trying to have a fixed deduction on goverment premiums.
SSS = 308
HDMF = 100
PHIC = 100

also i would like to add column for SSS , HDMF and company loans. Is this possible?

Hoping for your good insights.

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