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It is the user's responsibility to verify compliance with government regulations and company policies.

Hi Sweldista Experts,maggy_guinoo
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Hi Maggy,

Thank you for your comments!

In my opinion, you should derive the daily rate then multiply it by the number of days (or working days) of the pay period.

DailyRate = 7500 / OldWorkingDays_Feb1To15
BasicRate = DailyRate * NewWorkingDays_Feb1To10

Alternatively, you can use:
DailyRate = 7500 / DaysFor_Feb1To15
BasicRate = DailyRate * DaysFor_Feb1To10
Ex: (7,500/15)*10 -for Feb. 1-10, 2013 days computation

I think this may depend on company policies but pls. note that I'm not sure if the government has any regulations regarding computations of the basic rate.
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Hi Sweldista Experts,

I just want you yo know that this site is really helpful to all employees here in the Philippines, thank you so much for creating this wonderful, beneficial network =)

In line with this, Please help me compute for the scenario of payroll I am going to share below:

Scenario A:

Employee A monthly rate is Php15,000 and then paid sa payroll semi monthly.

However, ng set man ng change sa payroll period and this coming Feb15th payroll ay 10 days lang ang ma credit sa payroll (Feb. 1-10, 2013 period).
How do i compute for the basic pay for this payroll period?

is this a correct computation:

7,500 (semi monthly payroll)
(7,500/20*10) -for Feb. 1-10, 2013 days computation

Basic rate =Php5,000.00???

your help is muchly appreciated.

thank you in advance and regards!

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