Note: The sample paysheets and payscripts are meant for illustration purposes only.
It is the user's responsibility to verify compliance with government regulations and company policies.

How to Start Using Sweldista PayrollAng Unang Sweldista
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1. The quickest way to start a new company with Sweldista Payroll is to download a sample paysheet then edit the payscript of the sample using Sweldista Payroll.

Make sure the sample paysheet you download is a sample that computes most if not all the variables you need. I recommend you download the samples that compute SSS, PHIC, HDMF, WTAX and up to NETPAY.

2. When you've edited the payscript of the sample paysheet and the formula already works for you, you can click on the Payroll menu of Sweldista Payroll then Create New Paysheet - Blank Paysheet.

3. Sweldista Payroll will ask you for the filename of your NEW BLANK paysheet. Enter the filename of your new blank paysheet.

4. Then it will ask you for the TEMPLATE paysheet. You should select the filename of the sample paysheet that you downloaded and edited.

5. From here, everything should be easy, you select if your payroll is paid monthly, sem-monthly or weekly and then you select the start of your payroll.

Note that if you pay some employees sem-monthly and some employees weekly, then you should have 2 paysheets - 1 for semi-monthly and 1 for weekly.
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