End User License Agreement

Sweldista Payroll BETA

By using Sweldista Payroll, you agree to the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT at www.sweldista.com.

  1. 1. Sweldista Payroll is for the use of your own company but not for commercial use. You are not allowed to reverse engineer any Sweldista software or technology and you are not licensed to any details of the technology in Sweldista.
  2. Sweldista does not make any warranties, whether on the downloadable Sweldista Payroll or any Sweldista.com Services.
  3. Sweldista reserves the right to make changes to policies or agreements at any time for any reason without prior notice.
  1. Download and install Sweldista Payroll Setup Beta 1.0.02 installer (Released: January 20, 2020)

  2. Download the Sample Paysheets for 2014 with Monthly/Semi-monthly/Weekly Rate or Daily Rate or the other samples appropriate for you

You can also download the files below that are appropriate for you.

Windows Installer 3.1Download
.Net Framework 3.5 SP1Download
.Net Framework 4.0Download
  1. Save the samples on your computer (Pls. see download instructions above)
  2. Open and edit the payscript of the sample with similar payroll policies to your company (In Sweldista Payroll, click on Sweldista.com Services then Edit Payscript)
  3. Use the sample as template to create your new paysheet by following the instructions from How to Start Using Sweldista Payroll

For support email:info@sweldista.com or call:(+632)757-2381